About Us

Hi, from Rocklin Family Dentist

The Rocklin Family Dentist offers friendly, professional dental services to the Rocklin community. Our office staff will greet you when you arrive for your appointment. You won’t have to wait long before our dental hygienist escorts you to an examination room.

What to expect from our caring hygienist?

She will prepare the dental instruments she needs for your routine cleaning. She will use these tools to remove plaque and tartar buildup. Your hygienist may also take X-rays and ask you routine health questions before she begins cleaning your teeth.

During a dental checkup at Rocklin Family Dentist, your hygienist will examine your teeth, gums, throat, tongue, jaws and lips. She is looking for signs of disease, decay and early signs of oral cancer. Here is a list of some of the dental tools she might use during your visit.

• Mirrors to examine the inside of your mouth.

• Powered and hand-held scalers to remove plaque build-up.

• Saliva ejectors to suction deposits, water, saliva and blood from your mouth.

• Polishers to polish your teeth after a cleaning.

• Computer imagery to help the hygienist evaluate your oral health.

• Dental floss used to clean plaque and other food particles in between your teeth.

When will I see the Rocklin Family Dentist?

After your hygienist has finished cleaning your teeth, she takes notes on any issues or problems she sees with your teeth or other areas in your mouth. This information is given to your dentist. He may ask you if you are experiencing any pain or other problems with your teeth.

Your dentist may first study any X-rays of your mouth on the computer. After a brief consultation with your hygienist, he is looking for any problem areas the X-ray view of your mouth and teeth may show him.

He might see a problem that the hygienist pointed out to him. Your dentist wants to get a closer look at your mouth for himself. He asks you to open your mouth and examines your teeth in more detail by using different dental tools.

How does the Rocklin Family Dentist help me to maintain healthy teeth?

We are always here to serve you for all your dental needs. We hope you will have a pleasant experience during your visit and look forward to seeing you again during your next appointment. Our goal is to keep you smiling with a healthy mouth and teeth.

Answers to all your dental questions

After a thorough dental examination, your dentist may say one of the following statements.

• “It looks like you have a cavity that needs a filling in your upper molar. I will need more time to fix the problem, so you should make an appointment.”

• “Part of your tooth broke off in your lower row of back teeth. I will make a crown right here in my office. Please make an appointment to come back.”

• “I might need to do a root canal procedure first. Have you been experiencing any pain?”

• “I see that one of your front teeth needs dental bonding to improve the appearance of your discolored tooth and make this tooth look longer.”

• “Great checkup today. I don’t see any problems. You’ve been doing a good job brushing and flossing your teeth. Since there is nothing for me to do today, you can make an appointment with the hygienist for your six-month routine cleaning and checkup.”