Getting A Child More Comfortable With The Dentist

Are you tired of your children throwing tantrums when it’s time for their oral checkup? Going to the dentist is an essential part of life. However, kids have a tendency to make it difficult.

As long as you are willing, it is possible to change things. When you adopt the appropriate perspective, everything will line up. Remember, you are the parent. You must teach your children.

Key Concepts

  • 1. Consistency is the key to everything.
  • 2. You can mold your child’s perception of the dentist.
  • 3. The earlier that you start, the more effective you will be.
  • 4. Distractions can often be vital during the first few visits.
  • 5. Rewards can be an effective solution to get children to comply

This Year’s Top Tips to Make Taking Children to the Dentist Easier

How do you make going to the dentist easy when you have children? This may sound like a tall order. Nevertheless, it’s much more achievable than most people think. The key is getting started early.

When you expose someone to something early in life, they become desensitized to it. It is almost impossible for humans to be afraid of things they are not sensitive to.

The sooner that you start teaching your children, the quicker they will pick up on it.

Take Them Early

Do you remember the first time that you went to the dentist? Hopefully, you have been going since before you could remember. When you start early, you do not have time to develop fear.

You can help to acclimate your children to the dentist’s office by taking them there when you go. That way, they are not only going there when they have work that needs to be done.

The Sooner You Start, The Better:

How soon is too soon to take your kid to the dentist? Before growing teeth, that would be the only time. As long as they have little chompers, they should have a dentist.

Starting Them Early Gets Them Acclimated:

In psychology, there is a concept called fear extinguishing. This is when you are afraid of something and grow unafraid of it. Typically, the best route to achieve this is through exposure.

Taking your kid to the dentist can make them less afraid of the dentist.

Take Them Often

Besides taking them early, you need to take them often. We suggest setting up regular dental checkups. That way, your kid will get used to going to the dentist.

You can increase the number of trips your children take to the dentist in a few ways. If they have siblings, Bring all of the kids along for each trip. That way, all of them get to go even more often.

Consistency Will Be Key:

In life, consistency is the key to everything. This is the same when it comes to teaching your children how to behave at the dentist. If you take them regularly, they have more opportunities to learn.

Creating Relationships From Birth:

If possible, we recommend using the same dentist throughout your child’s life. By the time they return a few times, they will have established a relationship with them.

When your kid likes your dentist, taking then there is a simple.


Stay With Them the First Few Times

Many parents let their children stay with the dentist by themselves. While this may not seem like a big deal, it can be very uncomfortable for the children.

Letting a stranger mess around inside of your mouth can be scary as a kid. It can be even more terrifying if your parents leave you alone with them. Sticking around is the least that you can do.

It would be best to stay with them for the first couple of visits.

The Comforting Presence of a Parent:

Any time you get afraid as a child, you want your parents. No matter what it is, your parents can make it better. It would be wise of you not to forget that. Your presence can make things much easier for children.

Working Towards Independence:

Eventually, you want your kids to be independent. You can start by staying with them through part of the procedure. Then, leave them alone for the final bits.

That way, your kids slowly build more independent life skills.

Set Up a Practice Run at Home

When you are nervous about something, what do you do? Of course, practice runs are always advisable. Trying something out first can take out the jitters. Plus, your kids can exercise their imagination.

Be as intricate as possible. The easier it is for your children to get lost in their imaginations, the more effective these exercises will be. If they can suspend reality, they can suspend their fear.

Make Them Imagine It:

Make a practice run in your home that simulates going to the dentist’s office. Your children will have a blast. Get them involved by encouraging them to use their imagination.

Creating Positive Associations:

During each practice run, focus on making it enjoyable. That way, when they go to the real dentist’s office, they have positive associations with it.

Positive Affirmations

The way that you talk to your self has much more of an impact than you realize. The same goes for your children. Does your kid start to talk negatively when you are on the way to the dentist?

No Negativity:

Negative self-talk actually has a measurable impact on the brain. When you talk negatively, it amplifies the regions that create negative emotions. It would be best to avoid all negativity.

The Power of Positivity:

Similar to negativity, positivity also has a measurable impact on your physiology. When you speak positively, your brain lights up like someone who is happy. Take advantage of this neat trick.

Distractions Are Vital

Even when you practice going to the dentist can still be a little overwhelming. You can help your children by distracting them. There are tons of options available for you to do so. All of them will help.

Toys and Games:

What kind of games and toys do your children like? Grab a few of them on the way to the dentist. Then, use them as a distraction when they are in the exam chair. It will keep their mind off of their mouth.

Pictures and Shows:

Do your children like to watch TV shows? If so, bring a tablet with you. You can let them watch something while the dentist is doing their work. Thus, your kids will be placated throughout the whole procedure.

Teach Them About Dentists

If you teach your children about the dentist, they make it interested in them. Then, taking them will be exciting rather than excruciating. We suggest emphasizing the helpful role that the dentist plays.

Dentists Help Protect Your Teeth:

You only get one set of teeth. If you do not take care of them, you will lose them forever. The dentist is of vital importance in this regard. Dentists help to protect your teeth, so they do not fall out.

They Are Kind of Like Super Heros:

What is a superhero? A superhero is someone that protects the innocent from bad things. In essence, a dentist is a lot like a superhero. Emphasize the similarities to your children.

You would be surprised at how big of a deal this can be to a little kid.

Taking Your Kid to the Dentist Without the Headache

Do you think a trip to the dentist’s office could ever be stress-free? Maybe, if you did not have any kids, You would think that it is possible. Well, we have great news for you. You can make going there a breeze even when taking your children with you. As long as you apply the advice above, your next trip will be completely different. Remember, consistency is the most important aspect. Hopefully, you can start teaching your children early. Nevertheless, teaching them often is even more important.

In Summary

  • 1. Consistently taking your children to the dentist is the most important concept.
  • 2.Start by building positive associations with the dentist from the time they are born.
  • 3. When children stick with the same dentist, they can build healthy relationships with them.


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